Why Tramadol is linked to Low Blood Sugar?

Tramadol is one drug that has really enjoyed a great boom in recent years and with the improvement of technology, this pain reliever can be obtained from online portals with just a few clicks. One such reputed online portal, which sells drugs to the customers with the motto of “good quality drug with cheap price”.

Tramadol is one of the commonly used pain relievers in the market and this is purely due to its efficacy as a potent analgesic. It is true that there are many analgesics in the pharmaceutical market today, but there are certain advantages that have made it one of the most used analgesics in recent years.

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Tramadol health effects

Tramadol health effectsFirst, Tramadol belongs to the opiate family making it a very potent analgesic to treat moderate to severe pain and unlike other opiates, it is less likely to result in dependence. This does not negate this possibility as it only implies that it is unlikely to happen when the drug is used according to the prescribed dosage. Unlike the other opioids, the drug only results in dire consequences when it is being abused or used as a recreational drug. Then there is also the issue of stomach ulcers, which is quite common with the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Tramadol does not cause stomach ulcers, so it is a very good drug of choice for treating moderate to severe pains in patients with a background history of ulcer or ulcer predisposition. However, it is not without its own side effects just like you will find with any pharmaceutical agent in the market today.

Depending on the individual using this drug one can experience a wide range of symptoms that can include; dizziness, nausea, constipation, vertigo, abdominal pain and even dependence in some cases. Recent studies have however linked Tramadol to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) adding hypoglycemia to the risks of Tramadol side effects.

What’s the link between Tramadol and Hypoglycaemia?

Tramadol and HypoglycaemiaLet us now focus on this aspect of our topic. To understand this one would need to, first of all, appreciate how the medication works. Tramadol works by binding to an opioid receptor and then inhibiting two neurotransmitters (nerve chemicals) serotonin and norepinephrine.

These neurotransmitters are involved in glucose regulation and the reported cases of patients coming down with hypoglycemia after taking Tramadol may be as a result of its inhibitory role on these neurotransmitters.

You should understand that this is the case irrespective of one diabetic status. That is, this low blood sugar associated to Tramadol is independent of if one is a diabetic or not. While it is true that diabetics are usually on glucose-lowering agents, the mechanism by which the drug is seen to cause low blood sugar is not related to diabetes.

Important note

It is necessary to know that not everybody who takes Tramadol has low blood sugar as a side effect and some studies put it at a probability of 1 in 1000. But considering the fact that millions of people take this medication every day worldwide, that will suddenly make that number statistically significant.

Whichever the case, it is important that one is aware of this and more research will definitely be needed to properly look into this side effect and ways in which it can be prevented among those who come down with hypoglycemia while they are on Tramadol.