What should you do when you miss a dose of Tramadol?

tramadol doseTramadol is a highly powerful and most prescribed pain-relieving medication. A large number of people across the world are dependent on this drug in order to treat their painful conditions.

Tramadol is known to treat any form of pain in the body whether the pain is mild or severe. It is the generic version of the brand medication Ultram.

Tramadol is the active ingredient in Ultram. It is a strong opioid analgesic and works in the body to change how your body feels and responds to sensations of pain. This drug has to be taken on time and exactly as directed by the doctor (Oral Or Intravenous) in order to attain its fullest benefits. It is not appreciated to take this medicine as and when needed though it can serve that purpose.

It is always better to consult the doctor before taking this drug. It is not even advised to enhance the dosage strength of Tramadol on one’s own as doing so can result in unfavorable health complications. There are also chances for someone to miss a dose.

When you happen to forget to take a dose of Tramadol, then read this blog to know what to do under such circumstances.

Take Tramadol doses on time

  1. If you have missed a dose of Tramadol, it is better to take it as soon as you remember. It is always advised to patients to take the medicine at the same time every day so as to not miss any dose.
  2. In case it is already time for the next dose to be taken, then you can skip the missed dose and carry on with your scheduled dosage.
  3. You should never increase or double your dosage strength in order to make up for the missed dose.
  4. Do not even take two doses at once just to compensate for the missed dose as doing so will result in untoward health consequences.
  5. If you have a tendency to keep forgetting about your dosage timings, then you can better keep a reminder or an alarm for the exact time so that you will not miss any more doses. Or better yet, you can ask or request some of your friends or family members to remind you about taking Tramadol on time.

Usual doses of Tramadol

If you have been experiencing mild to moderate pain in the body, you can Order Tramadol 25mg and take the pill in the morning every day. If you are new to the medicine, then begin with 25mg Tramadol.

Slowly you can increase the dosage strength by 25mg in every three days so as to make it 100mg. By the time you make it to 100mg, you will be taking 25mg of Tramadol four times a day.

The dosage can then be increased to 50mg according to the condition of the patient and their ability to tolerate the dosage strength. This, however, will be done only upon recommendation by the physician.

You can adjust your dosage until you reach the 200mg Tramadol dosage strength. You will be taking 50mg four times a day when you reach to 200mg.

If you are having chronic pain, then you might need Tramadol for round the clock treatment of pain. This form of Tramadol is not used on an as and when needed basis.