What happens when you stop taking Soma?

Soma is used only for a short term. It should not be used for more than three weeks. The medical practitioner gradually stops the medicine when the clinical effect is achieved. The drug develops tolerance over long term usage and there may be a need for taking Soma by increasing the dose to get the clinical benefit. The person will develop a craving for this medication if its usage is stopped abruptly.

Soma can cause drowsiness, dizziness, vertigo, tremors, agitation, loss of coordination, depression, irritability, lack of sleep, hypotension which may lead to unconsciousness, increased heart rate, headache, confusion, seizures (convulsions).

Does withdrawal of Soma have any Side-Effects?

Soma-Withdrawal-EffectSoma drug should not be stopped immediately as one might experience withdrawal symptoms. The medical practitioner when clinical results are obtained does dose titration of the medicine before stopping the medicine. There will be a gradual decrease in dose so as to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Dose titration is done keeping in mind, patient’s drug safety, comfortability, and efficacy. Even if there is no clinical benefit or pain reliefof themusculoskeletal system after using Soma, dose titration should be done before the medicine is stopped. Patients who are on high dose of this drug require special attention when withdrawing the medicine as the withdrawal effects will be life threatening.

What is to be done to abolish withdrawal effects of Soma?

All kind of Soma users requires doctor’s attention when stopping the medicine.This includes the abusers who use it for recreational purposes in doses higher than what is recommended and mix it with other drugs to get high and also those under the guidance of themedical practitioner.

Patients start relying on the medicine to get the euphoria and sedative feeling. This feeling helps them to forget about the tensions and problems in their life and they like to be in that state every time.

The rehabilitation program concentrates on working to avoid the guilt, depression, and addiction towards Soma which helps individuals to brighten up their life for better future.

Important note

Patients who are on CNS depressant drugs should consult their medical practitioners and discuss on the drug dosage. This is becauseCarisoprodol along with CNS depressant drugs and alcohol produces asedative effect; withdrawal of carisoprodol may require dose change of CNS depressants and patients who are looking to buy Soma online or to know more about drugs and their dosages, can always refera genuine site, which always strive to deliver authentic information and genuine pills while delivering the medications to its customers.

Because of the withdrawal effects of Soma, many regulatory bodies have imposed ban or restrictions for sale in many European countries. In many states of US, it is classified as a controlled substance.