What Causes Addiction to Tramadol?

Tramadol AddictionNowadays, there are many reports claiming that Tramadol causes severe addiction. The worst part is that even people who are taking this medication with proper medical advice are also a victim of it. There are many debates happening about it among the people but it just makes them get confused and not allow them to come to a conclusion.

This blog can be a solution for it. Here we have mentioned the right cause behind people getting addicted towards Tramadol pills.

Stressful environment is also a cause

We always think that using Tramadol itself would cause addiction but the reality is quite different. People who are living in a stressful environment are the major victims. It is very simple to understand.

When a person gets stressed it would automatically increase the restlessness, anxiety, and agitation. It would also cause physical pain like a headache and body pain. This is when a person starts to take Tramadol more often than before.

Apart from this, people would also increase the dosage strength of the medication to get positive effects on the body. They know it is not good to continue taking Tramadol pills but the necessity to get relieved from pain makes them do it.

Genetic factors

In a recent study, it is found that even the genetics would be the cause to get addicted to Tramadol medication. Hence, it is important to analyze the family history as well as the patient’s history before prescribing this pain relieving medication to them.

Effects of Tramadol

Patients would start to take Tramadol initially to get temporary relief from the pain. Due to the effects that it provides on the patients like a feeling of pleasure, reduction in the anxiety and depression symptoms make them take the medication for the longer period of time.

Initially, they would develop tolerance hence would increase the dosage strength of Tramadol which at a later point would lead to addiction.

What are the negative effects caused by Tramadol medication?

Taking off the pills at high doses for a prolonged period of time causes an increase in the Tramadol toxicity in the body. There are nearly 12,000 cases who are all admitted to the hospital due to this issue around the country on 2013. People who are taking less dosage are at a low risk of getting affected by seizure disorder whereas those who are misusing or taking higher dosage pills are at high risks of getting seizures.

Due to the increase of Tramadol toxicity in the body, the health condition would deteriorate and causes damage in multiple organs. It is a prescription drug and it is also very expensive to Order Tramadol by few people. In some cases, it might not be possible to get the pills by addicted patients and they would get withdrawal symptoms.

What should you do if you get addicted to Tramadol?

If you get addicted to Tramadol then it is important to get medical help from a health care professional. It is essential to taper off the medication rather than suddenly stopping the intake of the pills. The addiction recovery treatment involves behavioral therapy and much more. Following it would only help a person to get rid of addiction in an effective way. Help from family members would also be beneficial to the patients.