Tramadol for the new generation – Pain management

Pain is one condition that mankind has undergone by any means since inception.Every single person in this world is subjected to pain in some stage of their life with varying degrees. But why do we feel pain? It is an unpleasant scenario where the brain sends us sensations of pain in case of an injury or some kind of infection, so that the condition is addressed and treated for healing it. Pain is often characterized as acute or chronic based on certain factors. Acute pain is the one that gets suppressed upon healing, whereas the chronic pain can be devastating since it keeps recurring after months and weeks for some reason even after the healing process.

Though the condition of pain is a common statement today with children and the elderly experiencing some kind of unfavorable situation in one way or the other, inefficiently managed pain can lead to physical and psychological complications in individuals. It tends to disrupt daily lives of people by affecting their appetite and sleep cycle along with the productive time at work. Pain on its own can elevate the blood pressure and distress levels, creating a negative aura around a person that is very much harmful.

But the good thing here is that there are potential drugs out there to treat the condition of pain and help people recover from the condition temporarily or permanently. There has been a great bloom in the last 10 years with industries coming up with improved medications for pain management. This is why you can see a vast variety of analgesics, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs and much more in the market today. However, the reports of WHO state that the need for effective management of pain is still high in the middle and low income countries. It is reported that tens of millions of people undergo moderate to severe pain every year without being treated. The main reason for these numbers is due to the fact that the controlled opioid analgesics like morphine are not available throughout the world due to its potential for abuse. Hence, this world needs an effective drug that could combine both the mechanisms of opioid and non-opioids, while endorsing three main factors – availability, tolerability and safety.

Effective management of Pain without any side effects

Experts say that the medications of the previous generation for pain management are mostly composed of controlled opioids and that they could end up causing depression, addiction, sedation and even risk the person’s life upon usage for a long period of time. The American Academy of Pain medicine states that people usually experience sedation, dizziness, nausea and constipation with these controlled substances for pain management. Also, they stay in the body system for a long time, causing unfavorable conditions.

Tramadol, which also goes by the names Ultram, Ultram ER and Conzip is a prescribed opioid that is used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. This drug is effective than other uncontrolled substances since it leaves the system faster and acts in by combining the mechanisms of both opioids and non-opioids for a functional management of pain.

Also, there is less chances of abuse than other dangerous narcotics and most people have claimed that they faced only less or insignificant side effects with Tramadol. Also, they don’t cause severe addiction like the other substances used for pain management since the dependence on Tramadol is less.


Tramadol is effective due to its approach that combines both opioid and non-opioids by binding with various other brain receptors. This in turn makes the drug safer than most of the drugs belonging to the previous generation.

Is Tramadol of everyone?

Tramadol is suitable for moderate to severe pain, while it cannot treat the pain which is a result of malignant tumor. And yes, the drug can’t be consumed by pregnant women and children under the age of 12. You should also back away from Tramadol if you have breathing problems like asthma or any disorders in the lungs. Tramadol might cause some adverse reactions in people who amplify the dosage all of a sudden. Also, do no consume Tramadol with Alcohol or with the depression drug like MAOI. You will have to refrain from using it if you have any allergies with Tramadol and people shouldn’t stop using the drug immediately as some withdrawal symptoms might occur. So, it is better to vest in mind the probable side effects associated with Tramadol. If this drug has been prescribed by your doctor, then administer it carefully with due notice on the potential side effects.

The vast variety in the medications for pain management can be very confusing at times and to have a better idea on which one to choose, it is always recommended that you consult a specialized doctor for pain and drugs for further guidance.

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