Tramadol – a new generation pain killer drug

Tramadol have stolen the hearts of user’s especially of this generation, as an ideal pain killer capable of alleviating pain under various difficult situations.

Tramadol is a drug that comes under the class popularly known as the opiate agonists. Having said this, it’s obvious that you too are eager like others of this generation to known more regarding what the drug is, its formulation, directions for use, reviews etc. well here it is for you.

When to use

Tramadol show its best effects when put in to use at right situation, which is ideally during the initial stages of pain. However, it is directed for use for all stages of pain regardless of it being acute, moderate or chronic in nature.

When not to use

Even If you are to buy tramadol online, you must understand that there are instances where you have to refrain from the use of the drug to avoid deadly repercussions. The main contradictions for the drug tramadol are for those children below the age of 18 years and for the pregnant or lactating mothers.

Also, it’s advised not to use the drug when problems like gastrointestinal obstruction, liver or kidney failure, respiratory difficulties are diagnosed or predicted.

How to use and dose the drug

You can buy tramadol online, either to refill your prescription or to start fresh, but remember not to use it beyond two weeks to avoid unwanted risk. You can continue its usage with doctor’s approval, on a daily course after meal.

Usually, the pain treatment might feel better with a week’s course, and only if not due to severity of the condition, it can be prolonged for another week or so, that too only with the guidance of the doctor.

As such there is no ideal dosage for the drug,  however it is commonly started with small doses such as 10mg or 50 mg depending upon thee intensity of the pain, and is taken with an time interval of  6 -7 hours. After understanding the effects in the person, can gradually increase the dosage.

Drug overdose

Overdose of the drug is not a matter to ignore, for there are lot of risk associated with it such as depression, addiction and even seizures. Small indicators for it would be difficulty in breathing, fluctuating heart beat levels etc depending on the dose misused.

This case may even worsen if with the overdose, there happen to be any interaction with drugs like CNS depressants or Alcohol, as that would push the situation even till death.

In case of such an incident, with no possible delay the necessary action such as bowel cleaning must be done along with other therapeutic treatment. Following this, the patient must be given with suitable ventilation besides supportive medical assistance.

Side effects

The tramadol drug brings in side effects  with its improper use due to no medical guidance or prescription. The commonly witnessed side effects for the drug begins with dry sensation in the mouth, vomiting sensation, slight dizziness, headaches and even at times indigestion and abdominal pain.

Following this other difficulties could be constant itching or sweating, feeling weak, constipation or diarhia etc. on general a flu like symptoms may strike the user.

But what has to be dealt with seriously and very immediately are symptoms like high swelling and sores over the parts like hands, feet, eyes and face, especially in mouth and nose , then seizures, wide spread rashes and hives etc. these serious side effects have to be treated as soon as possible.

The drug tramadol is not advised to stop all of a sudden, in particular when used for long as it has high tendencies to bring in dependence and withdrawal symptoms. Signs like hallucinations, high anxiety, frequent panic attacks and paranoia are all common psychiatric symptoms.  Other than this, slowly the person would experience a loss of appetite, frequent dizziness and nausea as part of the withdrawal.


The drug tramadol have proven it effectiveness as most regarded pain killer by this generation. However, the drug is also capable of bring in unwanted and risky situation only when its use and dosage is improper. So always try to stick on to the guidance of a medical expert to avoid such worse case scenarios and enjoy the drug to its fullest.

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