Chemical medication treatment of Pain

People of different age groups experience the effects of pain in one way or the other. There might be flashes and episodes where intolerable pain can completely eclipse the daily life of individuals. We might write it off saying pain is just a part of life, but do we realize that every disease and disorder out there is characterized by pain? So pain is the foundation of any unfavorable changes in our body. Pain can be categorized into acute and chronic, where acute pain can result off an injury or after a surgery. However, the chronic pain is the one where the brain keeps sending pain signals even after the injury has healed or sometimes the cause of this pain is unknown. Chronic pain can be devastating since it lasts for more than two to three weeks and also keeps recurring after weeks, months or even years, thereby putting a productive life to halt. Not to forget, the condition of pain gradually sets in when people tend to age. People suffering from pain usually lose their sleep, appetite and tend to develop psychological problems as a result of overthinking and abnormality.

Hence, pain management has taken the spotlight now with various treatment procedure and drugs being prescribed for the effective treatment of pain. But there are serious questions in minds of people as in how long these drugs have to be consumed to control pain or whether the condition of pain can be cured permanently. These queries sometimes go unanswered piling up the pain people will have to endure.

Tramadol is considered to be an effective pill for the treatment of pain due to its analgesic property. Combining the mechanism of opioids and non-opioids, Tramadol tends to inhibit the reuptake on serotonin in the systems, leading to the reduction of pain signals from the brain. However, the various chemical constituents of tramadol might cause certain adverse reactions like allergy, drowsiness, nausea and much more. Hence, the drug must be administered only with the doctor’s prescription by following all precautions.

Guidelines to use generic Tramadol

Before you proceed to use this generic tramadol for your pain management, consult a doctor who performs a complete clinical examination to make sure you can consume tramadol. Under the guidance of the doctor, do not ingest it more often in a day, where the maximum dosage for adults is 400mg per day. This standard dosage can be distributed in batches depending upon the onset of pain.

Tramadol under short term or long terms usage can disrupt the sleep to some extent causing an irregular sleep pattern. Also, it is important that you understand the guidelines of the opioid analgesic REMS program in order to prevent any forms of addiction, dependence and the misuse of tramadol combination. After certain weeks of consumption, if you feel you aren’t able to witness any positive developments with your pain, then consult your doctor immediately for advice.

Avoid taking the generic Tramadol at high doses frequently to prevent serotonin syndrome. Also, make sure that you don’t use tramadol for your pain therapy along with alcohol or other anti-depressant drugs like MAOIs since it might lead to certain adverse effects. Make sure that you don’t have certain type of allergies or hypersensitivities with tramadol and also eating certain foods and smoking tobacco with tramadol can be highly risky.

Most importantly, do not consume tramadol while driving, operating any dangerous machines or while participating in any hazardous activities.


Overdosing on Tramadol can lead to certain symptoms like drowsiness, respiratory depression and loss of consciousness, slow heart rate, seizures and other complication in the gastrointestinal systems. In severe cases tramadol overdose might lead to life threatening consequences like pulmonary edema, cardiac arrest and liver failure.

Treatment of tramadol overdose

The treatment of a tramadol overdose must primarily make sure that the person receives adequate ventilation for breathing. Naloxone is a narcotic that is used to reverse the effects of tramadol overdose partially. Naloxone works on a specific mechanism by binding with the receptors affected by tramadol and thereby prevents the binding of tramadol with these receptors. However, as mentioned above, the atypical action of tramadol allows naloxone to resolve the situation only on partial terms. But this very narcotic must be used with caution for the treatment of tramadol overdose since it might lead to seizures in some cases.

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