Availability and uses of Tramadol

Tramadol is one of the most widely used prescription pain medications. The drug is known by the brand name Ultram and also through various brands names offered by generic drug manufacturers.

Tramadol is also combined with other pain medications to amplify the analgesic effects. Understating the medical uses of this medication and also its availability can help a person to order Tramadol online with a deeper insight into the product.

Since Tramadol is a drug that many people use while recovering from injuries or conditions that are marked by chronic pain, knowing something more about the drug can be useful indeed.

Medical uses of Tramadol

Tramadol UsesTramadol is primarily used to manage moderate to severe pain, though it is not very useful if it is taken on an as-needed basis. The drug is similar in effect to that codeine, another pain reliever. The drug is known to work by improving the body’s threshold to feel pain, and by also blocking the pain signals communicated between the brain and the nerves.

Apart from pain relief, the drug has been suggested as a potential medication for conditions like anxiety, depression, and even phobias. However, healthcare professionals do not advocate this practice and suggest Tramadol for such purposes only where no other drugs or treatment methods have worked, and only under the supervision of a psychiatrist.

Off-label uses of Tramadol are prevalent though not approved by the FDA. When the drug was initially launched, the long-term effects were relatively unknown. From later findings, the FDA has made it a must to list out all the potential Tramadol side effects and also the risk of addiction.

Tramadol availability

Tramadol availabilityThe central nervous system suppressant Tramadol is available in different forms that can be either ingested or taken intravenously. The starting dose is generally 50mg. Most generic Tramadol manufacturers combine the drugs with paracetamol or acetaminophen to enhance the pain relieving effects.

Tramadol is not controlled by the FDA but its addictive properties have made it be classified as a Schedule IV drug. Some of the Tramadol forms available for use are capsules and tablets that may be either immediate release or extended release, suppositories, effervescent formulations, ampules for IV or injections, and also as a combination drug. The active ingredient Tramadol is also used in the formulation of topical gels and creams for pain relief.

Tramadol may be taken as multiple doses per day depending on the severity of the condition and also the patient’s response to the treatment. The maximum recommended dosage in a day is 400mg. The extended-release capsules are available in 100mg, 200mg, and 300mg dosages, with the maximum recommended dose per day being 300mg. All dosage adjustments should only be done under medical supervision.