Affiliate Disclosure

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

FTC is an independent U.S. law enforcement agency which supports protecting consumers and enhancing competition across broad sectors of the economy. As per the rules followed by FTC  in the year 2015 for Disclosure compliance, the visitors and readers are asked to be aware of publisher who is sponsoring. The readers should know, whether the blogger or publisher is making money just by sharing a link or product on the website.

Affiliate Links has collaborated with some of the mentioned websites as an affiliate relationship. We pleased to inform that majority of the links present in the website contains affiliate contextual marketing links. Henceforth, we likely to act as intermediate for doing sales where we associated with the online stores and thereof, when you buy medication via the link in this site, we will be getting some compensation.

Product Reviews

The blogs enclosed on the website are straight and unbiased product reviews. At most times, these products are reviewed by the individuals who have purchased it in online drugstores. As it involves the health of an individual, will completely examine the safety of the product first.


If any individual or company wishing to review their products on this website, they are welcome. To drop us an email ( for further development.